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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Kawaii little desktop mascots running around your screen!

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NOTE: If you want the pics below in full size,right-click 
then click "Open Image in New Tab"
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Pic 1

                                                                                 Pic 2
                                                                              Pic 3
                                                                                Pic 4
                                                                               Pic 5
These are called desktop mascots/buddies. If your bored you can always play
with them.BUT they have kinds too.The ones in Pic 1 are called Shimeji...

You: errr....I can't see them...Where in the hell are they? 

Me: LOL...they're at the side..encircled already ^.^U

In pic 2 and 4, they are called "DTA" the name of the DTA 
on pic 2 & 4 is K-ON DTA
When your hover your mouse to them or 
when you click them, they make faces or something.
Try clicking Yui, the one in brown hair (NOT the one with
the headband), until you see her dancing & singing or something,
Isn't she kawaii?? I love how azusa walks...I know another
 DTA...called Haruhi DTA.

(Full of Haruhi Suzumiya characters..well,actually only 5)

You: DTA? WTF..

Me: DeskTop Accessories

In pic3...That's the K-ON Menu....If you click that one from
the first row..the fourth'll get the ones in pic 4 
If you can't remove them from their "coffee table" or something,
try dragging their hair, clothes or face.

Now in pic 5, this is called flele.It's like a music player but in the
form of an anime character.You can change her look example you can
change her(miku) into a new girl (rin,meiko,etc.).You can download
other new look...these looks are called shells

You: said I can change her into something do
i do that?

Me: You have downloaded it already right?Drag the shell
to her/him...then click ok..then right click>shells>then pick the
one you have downloaded..^u^

Shimeji downloads:
(Vocaloid)Rin,Miku,Kaito: download here
Ika Musume:download here

DTA download:

Flele download:
(Vocaloid)Starter Flele: download here

Flele Shells:
(Vocaloid)Kaito de poche: download here
(Vocaloid)Meiko de poche: download here
(Vocaloid)Rin de poche: download here
(Vocaloid)Len de poche: download here
(Vocaloid)Luka de poche: download here

How to make your own Shimeji:
How to expand shimeji animation:
Can't see the pic? Click it to make it
full size

How to make your own flele shell:


  1. thank you so much for this! really helpful! :)

  2. i tried downloading the Flele shells but it says "403 Forbidden"

  3. k-on desktop buddies...i luv azusa, mio, ritsu, mugi, yui, ui, nodoka...kyaaa...all of em are so kawaii.....